Kooopa Token: Destined for Life on the Moon

Kooopa Token
3 min readMay 31, 2021


In an ecosystem built on scams and hollow promises, Kooopa Token aims to level the crypto-gaming space with genuine utility.

We’re building a community driven gaming network powered by a crypto with massive earning potential and genuine utility.

The token’s mission is simple yet bold: systematically democratize the gaming industry.

Sound familiar? Most crypto’s position themselves as the next-generation-something. The difference is, Kooopa Token’s architecture signals something that could deliver on actual unmet needs.

Kooopa has purposes beyond the price speculation and profiteering endemic to most ICOs. If successful, the project will be a true revolution.

The Kooopa Game Engine

Kooopa’s most exciting and robust claim to fame will undoubtedly be their “Game Engine”.

Think Steam meets Kickstarter.

The Game Engine allows developers to list video-game concepts for crowdfunding. Players are incentivized to fund projects because their donation is actually an investment. When the game comes to fruition, the players will earn a percentage of the revenue, based on their total contribution.

That’s Huge.

Currently, indie developers confront barriers that make success nearly impossible. To compete with blockbuster names you need blockbuster funds. The Kooopa Game engine connects the devs to resources and a player-base literally invested in their success.

For the players, it may be even more exciting.

Creatively, the process democratizes game development; the titles produced are the ones people want.

Financially, it allows the average-Joe to invest in game development and create lifelong income streams. Imagine owning a percentage of Fortnite before it became the multi-billion dollar colossus it is.

The Groundfloor of Something Big

Further, the Game Engine makes the Kooopa investment opportunity and vision truly sprawling. Because listing projects, investing in video games, and payouts occur using Kooopa Tokens, the Game Engine isn’t just an engine for development; it’s an engine for the token’s economy. These functionalities create earning potential that could exceed that of price speculation, while encouraging both demand and long-term holding.

A Limitless Network

This is where the Game Engine opportunity becomes massive to the point of obscuring conception: Each game funded by the game engine will have the opportunity to use Kooopa Tokens as the premium in-game currency for purchases like weapon skins, character models, and upgrades. Kooopa could become the backbone behind thousands of micro-economies, all funneling value back to token holders.

Open Access Esports: Go Pro

The Game Engine represents just one area of the Kooopa Network. The plan is to democratize several aspects of the trillion dollar gaming industry, including Esports participation and betting.

Using Kooopa Tokens, any gamer can compete at a professional level. The platform will host regular tournaments with Koopa prize pools. No more institutionalized scouting, training, or recruitment, just independent risk and reward.

Watch and Earn

Esports still hasn’t taken to the mainstream. Permitting any viewer to bet on the outcome could lead to skyrocketing popularity. Kooopa Token smart-contracts will allow simple Watch and Earn betting, something largely nonexistent or muddled to the point of inaccessibility.

NFT Streaming

Currently NFT creation sits behind large fees and complexity. Kooopa wants to change that with their Kooopa Kapture overlay.

The application allows users to record live game streams and convert them into NFTs. Kooopa Kapture can also translate raw images into NFTs, sending the data directly to the user’s wallet. From there, the NFT can be displayed or listed for sale.

Imagine being able to convert legendary gaming moments or memeable content into monetizable data at the touch of a button. It’s the simplicity NFTs need to rise from niche hobby to mainstream activity.

Do Your Research

These are just the core pieces of an ambitious project. Learn about the tokenomics that fuel the Kooopa economy and see the roadmap at www.kooopa.io.



Kooopa Token

KOO, the ERC-20 governance token for the KRL Universe. Holders will shape the future of Kooopa Racing League by signalling their support.