Kooopa Super Trooper Recruitment

Are you a micro-influencer? Would you like to join the fastest growing community in the crypto-gaming space? Join the Kooopa family by becoming a Super Trooper and earn rewards along the way!

EARN $KOO worth over $1000 + RARE NFTs + $500 ETH Prize Draw EVERY WEEK


To become a Kooopa Trooper and be in with a chance to earn amazing rewards, you’ll need to complete this form and follow the requirements and responsibilities below: https://lnarw4vdngy.typeform.com/to/lFIVkc4G

Kooopa Introduction

In an ICO ecosystem built on scams and hollow promises, Kooopa Token aims to level the crypto-gaming space with genuine utility. Our token’s mission is simple yet bold: systematically democratize the gaming industry. Sound familiar? Most crypto’s position themselves as the next-generation-something. The difference is, we’ve built the Kooopa Token architecture to deliver on actual unmet needs.

Super Troopers requirements:

  • Use the Kooopa logo as your Twitter profile.
  • Add “#KooopaTrooper” in you Twitter bio.
    (1) Spread the word about $KOO all over social media: Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, Telegram, etc..

By doing this together we will make the Kooopa community stronger!

Super Troopers responsibilities:

(1) Help maintain and manage the community on a daily basis;
A. Share all Kooopa announcements and activities with your networks;
B. Guide members to have a deeper understanding of Kooopa and answer other questions;
C. Help to identify and ban scammers and FUD;
D. Defend against offensive information and news to protect Kooopa brand;
(2) Be positive to help to promote community events to increase real users and activeness of community;
(3) Join popular communities or hot projects communities to spread YooShi and answer related questions on a daily basis (at least 10 communities per day), taking screenshots as working proof.

Rewards: Special $KOO Airdrop + RARE NFTs + $500 ETH Prize Draw

Each week we will be selecting the TOP 10 Super Trooper Influencers and announcing them here on Medium. These influencers will then be automatically entered in a $500 ETH prize draw, with the winner being announced on Telegram!

You will be emailed a link to participate in a special airdrop and to claim a rare NFT.

Join the Kooopa Team TODAY! We need YOU!

Follow us:

Website: https://www.kooopa.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kooopatoken
Medium: https://kooopa.medium.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/officialkooopatoken



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Kooopa Token

Kooopa Token

KOO, the ERC-20 governance token for the KRL Universe. Holders will shape the future of Kooopa Racing League by signalling their support.