Phase 2 is here and in a worlds first $KOO can be purchased with FIAT!

Making the headlines

In a surprise announcement that was picked up by the likes of Yahoo! Finance, CTO, Sumit Chitroda confirmed that phase 2 of the public token sale would be accepting fiat payments: “We’ve partnered with fiat on-ramp solution, Onramper to enable non-crypto users to participate in our token sale. All major fiat-to-crypto gateways are included in Onramper, so our users will always gets the lowest fees”

The sale, which starts today, will begin accepting worldwide credit and debit cards, beginning on July 26 2021 12pm UTC.

The structure of the sale will be as follows:

Steps to participate in token sale with credit/debit card:

  1. Visit www.kooopa.com
  2. Click on connect wallet and select credit/debit card
  3. Click Start now
  4. Complete the form
  5. Enter investment amount in USD
  6. Follow steps to process deposit
  7. Complete USDT purchase using your preferred payment method &seller
  8. Wait for email confirmation of your USDT purchase
  9. Your USDT purchase has now been successfully deposited to our TGE wallet and your $KOO tokens will be distributed to your nominated ERC-20 wallet at the end of phase 3 of our sale.

Continuing the Dialogue

If there is anything else you’d like to know, please engage in our various channels:

Twitter: Kooopa

Telegram Group: https://t.me/officialkooopatoken

Important Disclaimer

Beware of Telegram, Online and Twitter groups trying to impersonate Kooopa. Always ensure you are on our official channel or groups.



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Kooopa Token

Kooopa Token

KOO, the ERC-20 governance token for the KRL Universe. Holders will shape the future of Kooopa Racing League by signalling their support.