Kooopa Project is Shifting Gears

While Kooopa will distribute tokens on time (starting from August 9th), we will be delaying our initial exchange and DEX offerings to coincide with our NFT game release: Kooopa Racing League.

New Proposed Branding

Your $KOO tokens will act as the governance tokens for this new play-to-earn 3D racing game, which will feature it’s own NFT characters with a breeding system (along with an NFT marketplace to buy and sell your characters).

To fuel our racing game, we be releasing a new token (name TBD) that you will be able to earn by winning races, and cash in for real value on exchanges. The details for this racing project will be revealed over the coming weeks, but 3D character design and game development has already begun.

Kooopa Racing League 3D Character Design Progress

In addition, the Kooopa token project will be shifting some of its branding: with the plan being to focus more on blockchain video game development. Therefore, we’ll be establishing a game development studio called Blue Monster Games (BMG), named after the blue Kooopa turtle mascot.

The other goals of the project (including the Kooopa Kapture) may be incorporated into Kooopa Racing League, but some of these features may be side-lined to focus on more exciting new developments.

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Kooopa Token

Kooopa Token

KOO, the ERC-20 governance token for the KRL Universe. Holders will shape the future of Kooopa Racing League by signalling their support.